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Melongray is one of the many nicknames of Fitry Yusoff. I'm a self-taught visual developer and amateur photographer with a love for wilderness. 
 A Nemophilist, Beach, nature, art enthusiast, & part time Rover. Fascinated by the subtle line between perception and reality, I'm neither a realist nor surrealist, but still searching for a real physical & spiritual experience in mother nature.

This is where I blog my works, photos and creative output of myself. Inspired by many & guided by curiosity

Kedah Born, currently reside and working in Kertih


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theberuk said...

.hai ET, this is Zamir

amer said...

oi zamir ape ko wat kat sini

melongray said...

haha zamir hg pon ada blog.. sape lak amer?

theberuk said...

.tu lah pasal, sibuk ja

*I link your blog on mine, glam sikit

fairuzyusoff said...

Blog hang smart~!

v a m p i r e said...

HI nama saya Jasmine umur 10 tahun aja , tapi ter-OVER minum susu Dutch Lady , sb tu i nampak cam orang dewasa ! hahahah

v a m p i r e said...

i like this

''I love to draw, to doodle, to dream, to illustrate, to hear music, to play music and love to do what i like the most.''

fairuzyusoff said...

hye et aku abang xD

Melongray said...


lor. hahaha

Wondrous said...

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fairuzyusoff said...

@v a m p i r e:ha ha. saya pun rasa awak begitu

fairuzyusoff said...

hello Nyiur whatsApp!

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